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1 +====Economic and diplomatic engagement with China is a flawed discussion – it has its roots in imperialism, violence, and militarism, and the current South China Sea conflict is a conflict of imperialism====
2 +Leupp 15 (Gary, Professor of History at Tufts University, "Fishing in Troubled Waters: the U.S. "Pushback" Against China's Claims in the South China Sea,"
3 +The story got attention, not because anyone knew what CNAS was, but because
4 +AND
5 +the policy of what Beijing used to call "fishing in troubled waters.")
6 +
7 +
8 +====Chinese Foreign Direct Investment is rapidly growing, leads to imperialism, and destroys local environment====
9 +Pröbsting '14
10 +Michael Pröbsting. China's Emergence as an Imperialist Power. NewPolitics Summer 2014 issue. //JJC
11 +As we have seen above, China's monopolies channel a significant proportion of their foreign
12 +AND
13 +Cosco has also recently expanded in Italy, acquiring the port of Naples.
14 +
15 +
16 +====China's economic engagement with developing countries, especially in Africa, is just imperialism in disguise that imposes China's own problems of authoritarianism and capitalism====
17 +Kiwanuka '13
18 +Jenkins Kiwanuka. Is China promoting a new type of economic imperialism?. 22 July 2013. //JJC
19 +It occurs to me that when the history of how China infiltrated Uganda and other
20 +AND
21 +absolute power end up with none". I hope Africa's leaders are listening.
22 +
23 +
24 +====American Imperialism is not dead – it is very much alive in today's "threat-reaction" politics. Continued American expansionism results in eternal war on the other====
25 +Engelhardt 13 (Tom, Fellow at the Nation Institute, "Overwrought empire: The discrediting of US military power,"
26 +And here's the odd thing: in a sense, little has changed since then
27 +AND
28 +no longer be altered. In other words, they can't help themselves.
29 +
30 +
31 +====Traditional education is a means of extending colonialism and the fact that it doesn't seem that way only worsens it====
32 +Mayo '14
33 +Peter Mayo is a professor, speaker, editor, writer, and head of the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education at the University of Malta //JJC
34 +Education serves as a means to colonise the "mental universe" (Ngugi Wa
35 +AND
36 +purportedly being on a par with the education provided in the colonial centre.
37 +
38 +
39 +====Education that is built around critical pedagogy empirically creates social justice and globalizes an anti-imperialist struggle which is transnational, gender-balanced, and multi-racial.====
40 +McLaren '05
41 +Peter McLaren. Capitalists and Conquerors: A Critical Pedagogy against Empire. Lanham MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2005. //JJC
42 +Against tremendous odds, the challenge of educators over the last sev-eral decades
43 +AND
44 +continue to question the present historical course that has wedded the two together.
45 +
46 +
47 +====Fighting imperialism and promoting understanding can be accomplished by education and the discussion of ethical dilemmas.====
48 +Stanton '02
49 +Domna C. Stanton. Graduate Center, City University of New York. PMLA. //JJC
50 +If we can establish an ethics of collaboration in difference, then we can also
51 +AND
52 +artistic cultures to the ethical dilemmas raised by advances in the life sciences.
53 +
54 +
55 +====The neoliberal system is held together by superstitions and definitions of hegemony and imperialism that normalize the system and perpetuate capitalist and hegemonic oppression; the educational system must use critical pedagogy to challenge the normative definitions and discussions of hegemony in order to eradicate the capitalist, state, and hegemonic power structures.====
56 +Boggs '05
57 +In Peter McLaren's Capitalists and Conquerors: A Critical Pedagogy against Empire. Lanham MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2005. The foreword by Carl Boggs ix-xiii //JJC
58 +McLaren argues persuasively that the power structure—integrated through a vast, labyrinthine system
59 +AND
60 +arrive at a position where critical pedagogy can be further elaborated and revitalized.
61 +
62 +
63 +====Anti-imperialism must oppose both America and China's empires====
64 +Callinicos 14 (October 10, Alex, British political theorist and activist. In an academic capacity, he serves as Professor of European Studies at King's College London, "The multiple crises of imperialism,"
65 +For revolutionaries, opposing Obama's bombing campaign—and whatever other military actions follow—
66 +AND
67 +China, and within the Western bloc Germany and Japan are newly assertive.
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1 +Boston Debate League Modestita-Falcon Aff
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